Taizé in Wageningen


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About us

  • The Taizé prayer is organised by Spectrum and takes place every 2nd Monday of the Month in the Arboretum Church, August Faliseweg 22, Wageningen.
  • Due to the corona crisis, we decided the following things:
  • There is a maximum of people that can participate, therefore, please subscribe yourself by sending an email to info@taizewageningen.nl.
  • We will have some people who sing in the front seats of the church. Please indicate if you would like to sing. In the church we will make sure there are enough singers, and that there is enough space for those that do not sing to participate in the prayer.
  • We will follow the regulations about distance, therefore, in the church is indicated where you can sit. Please respect the distance at all times.
  • Sadly, we cannot have tea afterwards.
  • If you have any complaints that could indicate that you have the corona virus, or have housemates with symptoms, please take your own responsibility and stay home.